Her Little Whispers...

These are my confessions (8)
- i have to order the majority of my food before i eat it
- i'm an organised freak
- i miss being the different and unique one but people have taken over :/
- i like to help people but sometimes it's frustrating when they completely ignore your advice
- i get jealous easily
- not many people know exactly how/why one of my relationships ended
- i think if i let go now it'll make it alot easier in the future
- my favourite sounds are the sound of traffic passing you as you drive with your window down, the sound of the bypass early in the morning when no one else in the neighbourhood is up and the sea
- i used to have a bad habit and i'm scared one day i'm gonna feel the need to go backwards
- i desire what i can't have
- growing up scares the freakin' shit outta me but i always talk so excitedly about it
- i have nightmares when i'm awake too often
- i dislike myself on the outside and partly on the inside
- i keep getting the feeling i'm being replaced

Maybe sorting through old documents and stuff on my laptop was a bad idea, found so many old memories to remind me of how much and of all the people i’ve lost and it freaking sucks ):

I miss being young and stupid enough to have these silly little relationships over the internet because i felt so loved and said so many stupid things and let myself fall so deep. And reflecting on what I had then and what I have now, sometimes I think the past Kelly had a lot more in her life then i did :/ 

I really do wish that we could go back to the past, even if it was just for a couple of days ): i miss too many people!